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Logo & Seal

Caltech uses a multilevel system of visual symbols to consistently identify the Institute in all communication materials: the Caltech logo (the primary mark), and the Caltech seal (a formal, ceremonial mark).

On this page, you will find guidelines on how to appropriately use these marks, and how to pair them with your organization, department, or division name. A selection of spirit marks, reserved for use by athletics and recreation are also available; these marks do not represent Caltech as an institution.


"Caltech" is our preferred name and should be used in all references.

The official name, "California Institute of Technology" should be used only in legal documents and formal uses, such as diplomas.

Our logo reflects the Institute's stature and reputation by emphasizing the Caltech name. The logo should be used to represent Caltech in all communications except the most formal, for which the seal is reserved.
Download the Logo

  • Treat the logo as artwork, not as typography. It should never be re-created or typeset.
  • Do not manipulate the logo. This includes but is not restricted to substituting or changing the logo color or font, applying shadows, outlines, or surrounding boxes, and using the logo as a window for imagery.
  • For more information, please see Logo Usage Guidelines


The Caltech seal is the official imprint of Caltech is reserved only for formal and ceremonial uses. Such instances include presidential communications, official transcripts, and letters of admission to Caltech. For more information about how to use the seal, see Seal Usage Guidelines.

The Caltech seal is not downloadable and may not be used as a graphic element. You may request the seal