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Print Toolkit

Here you will find everything you need to access templates for stationery, instructions for ordering business cards, and guidelines for print communications. Select the quick links below to get started.

Standard Letterhead

The standard Caltech letterhead and envelope should be printed with the Caltech logo. Divisions and departments may customize their letterhead to have their name formally paired with the Caltech logo. Up to two secondary logos may also be added to the lower right-hand corner of the page when appropriate.

Formal Letterhead

Letterhead and envelopes with the Institute's seal is recommended for use in formal contexts such as presidential, vice presidential, and legal communications.

Events & Presentations

 A variety of branded templates for invitations, presentations, posters, and flyers have been developed for use by the Caltech community. The templates offer designs that range from casual to formal.

Business Cards

Official Caltech business cards may be ordered through Caltech's Graphic Resources. When ordering business cards, you can choose whether to include: the Caltech logo on its own; the Caltech logo in lockup with your division or administrative department name; or the Caltech logo in lockup with both your division or administrative department name and a subgroup or entity.


This Microsoft Word template provides a standard interoffice memo format. You can use this template to create a color document with an official Institute look.


Typecraft has built an Amazon style storefront for Caltech that can be accessed directly at you must register to place your order.  You can also order through TechMart via punchout. You can locate the punchout under Caltech Catalog Suppliers (Printing Services) in TechMart.


We provide a list of independent graphic designers, writers, editors, and photographers recommended by Caltech's Office of Strategic Communications