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Impact Colors

Caltech's impact color palette provides an opportunity to adjust the temper of a piece from subtle to bold.

These colors should be used as complements to the primary and secondary colors, and carefully selected based on what is appropriate to the tone of the piece.

See the color usage guidelines for more direction on selecting colors for your materials.

Pantone 383
C39 M20 Y100 K1
R169 G173 B0
  Pantone 520
C68 M95 Y27 K13
R101 G47 B108
HEX 652F6C
  Pantone 3292
C100 M41 Y67 K32
R0 G88 B81
HEX 005851
  Pantone 7403
C6 M14 Y57 K0
R241 G211 B132
HEX F1D384
  Pantone 1915
C0 M85 Y24 K0
R245 G77 B128
HEX F54D80
Pantone 195
C37 M87 Y61 K34
R122 G48 B63
HEX 7A303F
  Pantone 452
C24 M23 Y55 K0
R199 G183 B132
HEX C7B784
  Pantone 5497
C52 M31 Y39 K2
R132 G152 B149
HEX 849895
  Pantone 3405
C100 M0 Y82 K0
R0 G173 B105
HEX 00AD69
  Pantone 3965
C11 M5 Y100 K0
R238 G220 B0
Pantone 326
C86 M1 Y41 K0
R0 G175 B171
  Pantone 179
C4 M91 Y91 K0
R229 G62 B48
HEX E53E30
  Pantone 124
C7 M35 Y100 K0
R236 G170 B0
  Pantone 7496
C57 M31 Y100 K11
R118 G136 B30
HEX 76881E
  Pantone 2995
C81 M12 Y1 K0
R0 G168 B226
HEX 00A8E2

Please note: When printing with Pantone is not possible, please use the CMYK conversion. The RGB and HEX conversions are more suitable for use in digital materials; please see the Web Colors section for more information.