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The Caltech Seal

The Caltech seal is the official imprint of Caltech and appears in formal contexts such as diplomas, official offer and acceptance letters, presidential communications, and legal documents.

Seal Usage

General Guidelines

  • Do not use it in conjunction with the Caltech logo.
  • Do not crop or manipulate it in any way.
  • The Caltech seal is not downloadable and may not be used as a graphic element without permission from the Office of Strategic Communications.


  • The seal is always one color. The preferred presentation for the seal is filled in the Caltech orange (Pantone 165) color.
  • It is also acceptable to produce the seal in solid black, or outlined in Caltech orange, black, or white.
  • Never treat the seal in a color other than those outlined above.
  • Never color in elements of the seal.

Minimum Size

 The minimum size requirements are .75" for print applications.