Caltech's strategic identity system was designed to position individuals across campus to speak effectively and persuasively about who we are, what we do, and why it is important, and to reach audiences whose support is essential to the Institute’s future success.


News - June 27

Using the Caltech Seal v. Using the Caltech Logo

The most common question we’ve received since launching the Strategic Identity has been: “Should I use the seal or the logo for my project?” Since April, the Caltech logo has begun to replace the seal in some contexts; in others, the seal has been updated to reflect the new Caltech orange and revised reproduction standards.

We’ve begun to compile a list of best practices based on the queries we’ve received through our Contact Us page. As the new visual identity continues to be implemented across campus and even more use cases arise, we will continue to expand the list you'll find on our new Best Practices page.

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