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Caltech's official color system is made up of four palettes: a primary color, a neutral palette, a deep palette, and a bright palette.

Primary Color

Caltech's primary color is Pantone MS 1585c Orange for coated and matte print jobs. Use PMS 151 for uncoated print jobs.

PMS 1585c
c:0 m:68 y:98 k:0
r:255 g:108 b:12


Neutral Colors

Caltech’s neutral color palette complements the Caltech orange and should be used for projects with a more traditional, serious tone.

PMS Cool Gray 9
c:0 m:0 y:0 k:65
r:118 g:119 b:123
HEX #76777B
  PMS Cool Grey 3c
c:0 m:0 y:0 k:24
r:202 g:200 b:200
  PMS 414
c:35 m:28 y:35 k:0
r:170 g:169 b:159
PMS 5497c
c:51 m:32 y:39 k:2
r:133 g:152 b:148
HEX #849895
  PMS 7494c
c:41 m:21 y:53 k:0
r:157 g:174 b:136
  PMS 451c
c:38 m:35 y:73 k:6
r:159 g:146 b:94
HEX #C7B784
  PMS 7403c
c:5 m:15 y:57 k:0
r:242 g:211 b:131
HEX #F1D384


Deep Colors 

Caltech's deep color palette adds contrast to the Caltech orange as well as the neutral palette, and may be used to provide more depth and texture to communications materials.

PMS 548c
c:100 m:64 y:51 k:43
r:0 g:59 b:76
HEX #003B4C
  PMS 3292c
c:100 m:41 y:67 k:33
r:0 g:88 b:80
HEX #005851
  PMS 668c
c:69 m78 y:28 k:11
r100 g:75 b:120
HEX #644B78
  PMS 195c
c:36 m:87 y:61 k:33
r:123 g:48 b:62
HEX #7A303F
  PMS 186c
c:12 m:100 y:92 k:3
r:207 g:10 b:44


Bright Colors

Caltech's bright color palette provides an opportunity to adjust the temper of a piece from subtle to bold. These colors should be used as accents to the primary, neutral, and deep colors, and carefully selected based on what is appropriate to the tone of the piece.

PMS 299c
c:80 m:18 y:0 k:0
r:0 g:161 b:223
  PMS 7473c
c:80 m:19 y:52 k:2
r:30 g:152 b:138
HEX #1E988A
  PMS 7489c
c:61 m:14 y:92 k:1
r:115 g:169 b:80
HEX #73A950
PMS 7408c
c:2 m:26 y:100 k:0
r:249 g:190 b:0
  PMS 605c
c:15 m:13 y:100 k:0
r:226 g:204 b:0
  PMS 1915c
c:0 m:85 y:24 k:0
r:246 g:77 b:128
HEX #F54D80